Summer Camp Programming Goals:

The overall goal for each program area: is to use Christian Education and recreation or (re-creation) in an outdoor setting as a platform to introduce campers to a broad range of experiences that can be used to help all participants of the camp community better understand and live into Christian community.


1.To Know - We want campers to know Jesus.

  a.  To begin and/or renew the campers’ relationship with Jesus in the context of God’s creation, campers will experience and learn about God, and relating to Him through worship, prayer, study, and outdoor activities in order to become aware of His blessings.

2.  To Grow - We want campers to grow in Christian life.

a.  To foster a Christian community where campers will experience the joy of healthy relationships.  Through these relationships campers will gain social skills, learn healthy conflict resolution, and desire to return to camp next year knowing they have and will continue to be loved and cared for.

3.  To Equip - We want to equip campers for the journey of being a life-long Christian.

     a.  To provide opportunities for servant leadership and to equip campers to continue growing in faith and service when re-entering their home community.

4.  To Challenge - We want to challenge campers to continue to develop as Christians after camp.

   a.  To encourage campers to grow and learn new skills, hobbies, and through these challenges campers may gain a better understanding of themselves and their spiritual gifts in order to grow in confidence, and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a heart of gratitude.

Behavioral outcomes: While Camp All Saints offers a wide variety of activities our primary goal for campers is that each camper gain a clearer understanding of the core values connected with the baptismal covenant.  Especially, how a camper’s behavior models respecting the dignity of every human being.