Opening Letter to Parents

Parent Information Letter: 

CrossFadeIt is our desire to make every person’s
resident camping experience a pleasant
and worthwhile time. The support of
parent(s) and guardian(s), as well as
campers, is very helpful in making this
an enjoyable experience.  The following
questions and answers will help acquaint
you with the basic information needed to
prepare for camp. We seek your cooperation
in these matters and will attempt to answer
any other questions you may have.

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What do I need to pack for camp?

Things to bring for Camp


[ ] Sleeping Bag

[ ] Fitted Sheet

[ ] Pillow

[ ] Pajamas


[ ] Flashlight

[ ] Back Pack

[ ] Water Bottle (This is required )

[ ] Bible


[ ] Tennis Shoes

[ ] Waterfront footwear –

old shoes, sandals or water shoes

[ ] Hiking Boots (optional)

[ ] Rain Coat, Windbreaker, or water poncho

[ ] Jacket or sweatshirt (hooded) [ ] Hat and /or sunglasses

[ ] Long Pants

[ ] Shorts

[ ] Swim Suit

[ ] Beach Towel

[ ] Shower Shoes

[ ] Socks and Underwear

[ ] T-shirts


[ ] Comb or Brush

[ ] Soap

[ ] Shampoo & conditioner

[ ] Toothbrush and Toothpaste

[ ] Towels (at least two) [ ] Washcloth

[ ] Chapstick

[ ] Sunscreen

[ ] Goggles

[ ] Mosquito Repellent


[ ] Camera (this should not be a cell phone)

[ ] Guitar or musical instrument

Do not bring CD’s, CD players, MP3 players, cell phones or computers.

Camp All Saints is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken equipment.


Summer Camp Fees, Scholarships, Refund Policy and Homesickness


When do I pay the balance of camp fees?

The balance of camp fees is due 7 days
prior to arrival at camp. We are unable
to guarantee a place for your child if the
balance is not paid when due. Families
and parent(s)/guardian(s) may also request
financial aid. Scholarships are granted on a "first come first serve basis" and are available only so long as the funds last. 

To request financial assistance

contact Operations Director, Sandi Creswell, 
at Camp All Saints at: (903)786-3148 or e-mail to:  
and she or her designee will respond to
your request.

What is the camp policy on refunds?

A camp registration deposit of $75.00
is non-refundable. All deposits are applied to the total session fee. There is no
deduction for late arrival or early departure and no refund for campers who do
not complete a registered session. The balance of camp fees may be refunded or
credited only under very exceptional circumstances, usually involving illness, with
written verification from a physician. It should be clearly understood that
homesickness, or a change in plans are not sufficient grounds to warrant a refund.

When should I plan to arrive for camp?

When should I plan to arrive at summer camp?


Youth sessions open on Sunday

with check in from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. All campers should plan to arrive by 2:00 p.m. and allow some time to go through registration. When campers arrive staff will guide vehicles to parking areas & help campers move to Beck Center where we will check campers in.  

At registration, we confirm: balance of fees paid in full, Health History Form, Parent Disclaimer, receipt of medications (all prescriptions and over the counter medications must be in their original container) and
conduct a brief Health Care Screening prior to
admitting a camper to camp.

Health Care Screening

The Health Care Screening for summer campers


Health Care Screening:  Our Camp

Health Care Officer is responsible
to check campers health prior to
check in. It is important to us that
campers arrive healthy and do not
pose a risk to themselves or others
while they are at camp.  Campers
who arrive with any medical issue
deemed by the camp nurse as a
health issue placing the camper or
others in the camp community at
risk, will not be checked into camp. 

Parents and guardians should stay with their child until they
connect withtheir counselor. Emergency contacts needs to be
verified and available.

How are cabin assignments made?

How are cabin assignments made?Large 3 

The camp management takes

responsibility for the assignment

of campers to their cabins. 

We will try to honor up to one request

for a bunkmate of the same age

and grade range (i.e. elementary, 

junior high, senior high) when

indicated on the registration form. After

the first request we will work to set up 

cabins with as much diversity as possible.

Medical Care and Insurance for your child

What about medical care? 

Camp will have a Health Care Officer for the duration of our youth programs.  This person

All Saints Map 05 30 12 Print

oversees all aspects of the care given to campers while they are at camp.  Our counseling

staff are all certified in First Aid and CPR and work hard to make sure campers are safe at

all times.  In addition, our full time Program Staff are all certified lifeguards and high ropes

facilitators.  Should any major or minor accident or illness occur at camp, the parents or 

guardians will be notified immediately by the Camp Health Care Officer or Camp Director

and camp health care procedures will be followed.  Camp reserves the right to send a child

home if needed.  If you plan to be away from home for a few days, please notify camp

of a temporary address and telephone number, where you can be reached.

What about insurance?
Parents/guardians are responsible to insure their children under their own medical insurance
coverage while attending camp.  This would be considered primary coverage.  The camp
has available secondary coverage which will come into play in the event the parents/guardians
do not have medical insurance coverage and will provide medical payments coverage for
the children.  The secondary medical payments coverage will not reimburse deductibles or
coinsurance amounts of the parents’ primary insurance coverage.

Do campers need a health history form?

fishYes: Campers need a complete Health History Form.

Complete your Health History Form online 7 days prior to the first day of your child’s camp 

session.  This can be done through our web site through any of our "Register Now" links.  If you 

have already set up a username and password you will be able to modify or complete any 

open registration. You will need your username and password that you set up when you 

originally registered.

We can assist you, calling our front office at (903) 786-3148 for assistance on 

this form or to reset your Username or Password. Complete health insurance information 

and all immunizations in order for the registration process to be complete. State law 

requires that no camper will be admitted without a completed Health History Form.  

Any prescribed or non-prescribed medication brought to the camp must be in the 

original container.

How to complete camper information online:

Go to: and click any of the registration links.  This will take you to our Camp Wise registration system.  If you have already created an account (even in previous years) your username and password will access your account area.  From here you will be prompted to complete information for the sessions you have signed up for.
click on the Programs tab, then hover over Master Menu and select Medical. You will need to enter all of the health insurance information and immunizations in order for the registration process to be complete. When you created your username and password, you signed an online Parent Disclaimer/Release and Hold Harmless Liability Waiver. If you did not sign your camper up yourself, please contact our office in order to get this form completed.

Both the Health History Form and the Parent Disclaimer/Release and Hold Harmless Liability Waiver, as well as the balance of your camp fees, are due 14 days prior to your arrival at camp. This helps us better prepare for your camper and speeds up the check-in process.

Is there a need for spending money?

Is there a need for spending money?

Yes, there is a camp store.  It has basic toiletries, souvenir items and a few games/toys that may

interest your camper. The store will be open occasionally during the week.  Any spending

money brought to camp remains the responsibility of the camper.  Camp All Saints is not

responsible for any cash a camper may have.  

When does camp begin?

When does camp begin?

Once campers have moved through the registration process in the Beck center, campers move

to their cabin and meet their counselor. The expectation is that cabin groups will be assembled

no later than 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. At that time counselors begin moving their cabin group to

different parts of the camp with their campers as part of camper orientation. To have a

successful week it is important for campers to become familiar with the camp and learn what

opportunities there are for the week. Because cabins move as a group and must visit a variety

of areas prior to dinner, the cabin group will begin on time. Late arrivals will be connected to

their cabin group & we will do our best to help a camper catch up on what they have missed. 

For this reason we recommend planning on arriving early (much like you would for the

airport) to insure a smooth check in.

When does camp end? Can campers stay overnight between sessions?

When is camp over? 

Camp closes on Saturdays after Eucharist.

All families are invited to this special service that begins at 10:00 a.m.  All campers should be

picked up no later than 11:30 a.m. The Camp Director must approve of any deviation from

the checkout schedule well in advance.  When the program is concluded campers will need to

check out with our staff prior to departure.  Specifically, the camp needs a record of when the

camper has left and who has picked them up.  We ask for this information when campers are

dropped off and we need to verify who we are releasing a camper to prior to our letting them

go.  Campers who have medications will need to check out with the Camp Health Care

Officer.  Remaining campers will be able to check out with their counselors who will have

a sign out clip board for each camper group.

Adherence to this schedule enables the camp staff to plan an orderly conclusion to your child’s session.


Can campers stay overnight between sessions?

No, between camps we receive new staff and prepare for the next session.

Can I bring my cell phone or other electronics?

Cell Phones and Electronic Equipment

A note to parents about cell phones:

Cell phones are not permitted in cabins for a variety of reasons. 

Why we do not permit cell phones in cabins:

Cameras:  Working cameras are not permitted in changing areas

Texting – late night cell phone usage is a distraction to the campers and cost a cabin sleep

Internet Use:  The camp will not accept responsibility for ANY internet use by campers on their personal cell phones.

Safety:  We cannot filter who campers are calling or who would be calling them.

When is it OK to have a cell phone:

If a parent needs their camper to call home for pastoral reasons they may leave the phone with the deans.  The deans will keep the phone in their common room and arrange for supervised calls home.

Setting your camper up to fail:

If you permit your camper to keep their phone you are setting up your camper to be in conflict with the camp. Specifically, the cabin counselor, other campers (who do not have their cell phones) and the directors of the camp.  Since cell phones are very expensive the camp will NOT take any responsibility for broken, damaged, lost or stolen phones even if our office is holding them for you. 

Please take your campers phone home with you.  If you have any questions about cell phones I would be happy to visit with you and your camper(s) prior to your leaving. 

Thank you for your time and support of the camps position on cell phones.

Camp All Saints

Digital Discipleship Ministry: 

Camp All Saints is working to develop a program working with digital media, including 

photography and video called the Digital Discipleship Ministry. We are working to 

provide campers with the equipment they need to engage with various forms of media.  

If you have any questions about this, please contact Ryan Hess, Program Director

at (903) 786-3148 or 



Parents who are worried about their camper having a successful week at camp may wish to

consider several strategies to help their camper succeed. These might include strategies such 

as pre-packing some self-addressed, stamped letters for home. Sending your camper to camp 

with a favorite book. Plan several “short” overnight experiences with friends before coming 

to camp. See if there is a friend they can attend camp with. These are just a few ideas to help 

your camper succeed. Please do not promise your camper they can come home early if they are

still homesick later in the week. Ofter this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can campers be reached quickly by telephone?

Can campers be reached quickly by telephone?

The phone number at camp is (903) 786-3148.  If you call

this number we will be able to take a message and route 

it to your camper(s).   

You may reach the Program Director at this number

or e-mail him at 

What is the best way to keep in touch with my camper?

What then is the best way to keep in touch with campers?

Many of our younger campers experience receiving mail for the first time at camp.  It can be a

special memory and a great affirmation to get a letter from home.  There are two ways to send

correspondence/items to your camper.  You may send them an e-mail

at with their full name as the subject line.  These will be printed

and distributed daily at dinner time.  You can mail letters or packages to them via the postal

service as well.  Please send a cheerful note to your camper(s) but avoid

mentioning how sorely he or she is missed.

Camper’s Name
C/O Camp All Saints
418 Stanton Way
Pottsboro, TX 75076

Your camper can bring stamped, self-addressed cards or envelopes with them so that

they may send out mail as well. 

What about packages from home including food/candy?

Packages of food from home, we know, area symbol of love and intended to please the

camper. If you do send a package we ask it not be loaded with sugar. We all love sugar

(some more than others) but for a counselor it may present a challenge if campers load

up on sugar when they (their campers) get a chance to slow down for rest or bed time. 

Please look for healthy options, (low sugar & little or no caffeine) and no gum

(as it often gets stuck to tables and chairs). Focus on cards, notes from home and healthy

items or items that may be helpful for the program week like a flashlight. 

Who are the staff at camp?

Who are the camp staff?

Summer Staff

Our well-trained, enthusiastic staff is the key to a positive camping experience for
your child.  Camp All Saints leaders are 18 years or older and chosen for their 
maturity, skills, patience, enthusiasm and desire to be good role models for children.
All staff members are professionally trained prior to the camp season 
emphasizing safety, child growth and development, and group 
dynamics. Counselors are trained to model a loving Christian community.  
Program areas will be facilitated by our certified Program Staff. 

What are the main activities at camp?

What are the main activities at Camp All Saints?

Exploring and experiencing the Christian faith has been the central theme at Camp All Saints

since 2004. Each program week, clergy work with the camp theme, tying the program to

the central event of Holy Eucharist at our beautiful new chapel. Campers enjoy an assortment

of outdoor recreation activities including swimming, kayaking, fishing, sailing, hiking and

our 660+ acres along the shores of Lake Texoma. Many of the games teach life skills and

teamwork. Arts, crafts, songs, the Digital Discipleship Ministry (multimedia program), low

and high ropes course (age appropriate), music, and skits allow for creative expression. All

of our programs are age appropriate and led by qualified staff.

How do I get to Camp All Saints?

How do I get to camp?

Directions to CAMP ALL SAINTS

  • From HWY 75 (also known as Central Expressway)

  • take the Hwy 82 Exit and go West Head west toward Pottsboro

  • Take the 289 Exit and turn right or North onto Hwy 289

  • Follow Hwy 289 to the blinking light and 4 way STOP 

  • coming from East and West directions and turn left or West onto Hwy 120W 

  • Remain on HWY 120W for 5.5 miles, this road turns into Cooks Corner Road.

  • Turn left at on to Locust Road and continue 2.2 miles

  • (there is an All Saints WHITE and BLUE sign at this turn)

  • At the only STOP SIGN, turn right on Mill Creek Road

  • (Note the small grocery/gas station in front of you)

  • All Saints gate is 1/2 mile on right, look for the giant orange colored “A’s

A note to parents about luggage coming home

*A note about bed bugs

To finish a great week of camp we are working to raise awareness of taking safety all the way home.   Orkin has ranked the Dallas area in the top six cities in the nation with bed bugs.  With that understanding part of any travel experience in todays fast pace world is the possibility of encountering bed bugs. 

While we don’t anticipate there is any reason to have concern, we advise all visitors/guests follow the best practices listed below regarding your luggage.  While we work hard to keep our cabins free of bed bugs we can’t avoid the reality of new groups of people arriving with luggage/sleeping bags coming on and off the property every week.  

As a precautionary measure, whenever you return from a trip….

  •        Place all clothing and bedding items directly into the dryer as soon as your student arrives home.  Any item that can be placed into the dryer needs to be included—backpacks, duffel bags, jackets, hats, gloves, etc.
  •        Dry all items on the highest heat setting for a minimum of 45 minutes.
  •        After you have dried the clothing, wash with hot water and dry as usual.
  •        If you have items that cannot be placed into the dryer, leave them outside your home in a garbage bag until it can be treated.  On large items like a suitcase you may use a hair dryer to force bed bugs out of hiding places. The “high” heat from a blow dryer will kill bed bugs and eggs after 30 seconds of continuous contact.

David Campbell,

Executive Director

Camp All Saints

Source Information came from:

Vision and Mission of Camp All Saints

chalice.lowres.jpgVision of Camp All Saints

•  To be a world leader in Episcopal

    camping ministries.

Mission of Camp All Saints 

· Sharing the glory of God in creation and
    the love of Christ in word and deed.

Core Values

From the Baptismal Covenant found in the Book of

Common Prayer pg. 304 - 305

•  To continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and
    in the prayers. 

•  To persevere in resisting evil, and, whenever you fall into sin, repent and return to

    the Lord. 

•  To proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ. 

•  To seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself. 

•  To strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every

    human being.