"It Is Well With My Soul" 

Written by Horatio Spafford, Arranged by Danielle Barozinsky, Directed and Produced by Riley O'Boyle, Audio Engineering by Jacob Loder and Bilal Evans

Inspired by the works of Camp Marshall media center, started with a macbook pro, a minidvd camera, and a few microphones to share digitally what youth ministry does in a summer camp setting. "It Is well With My Soul" is a music video project made in the same vein.

This project was produced by making recording-ready performers (campers) without interrupting the camp culture in the span of a week, using two hour blocks to record five soloists at a time. Then, a night in the middle of the week for the whole camp to sing the chorus, so that each chorus in the recording can be heard as an entire summer season singing.

In post-production, originally, there was no recording of the entire song from beginning to end, most of the tracks were off tempo, and so the entire song in all its layers sounded like chaos.
This was resolved when all the fragments of audio (drums, harmonies, a verse, a chorus, solos, choirs, etc) were set on top of a master track of our lead vocalist and guitar singing through the whole arrangement in a separate recording that didn't actually come about until the post-season work.

The best of this project is in understanding that it almost completely failed. The audio just was not there at the end, and we had very little to show after burning half of our production schedule. "It Is Well" certainly was the prayer among the media center, and so we decided to be, and so the project became.
It is my immense pleasure to present it to you now.

Yours in Christ,
Riley O'Boyle


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