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Ryan Hess- Program Director

RyanI grew up on Lake Texoma and enjoy being around the water and in the woods. I went to school for wilderness emergency medicine. My wife, Amanda, and I have two kids and love spending time outdoors as a family. When I am not here at Camp All Saints, I love to go canoeing, mountain biking, and fishing. My favorite thing about camp is being able to see the kids get outside and watch them gain a new appreciation for nature. 

Caleb Phares- Assistant Program Director


James "Jimmy" Cook

JimmyHowdy! My name is Jimmy Cook, I’ve been a JOLT instructor for over a year now. Growing up I was always an indoor person, but the first time I set foot on Camp All Saints as a summer camp counselor I’ve been hooked. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to teach kids here, and to have learned the skills of being a lifeguard, run high and low ropes, and as well as be a Level 2 Archery instructor. I hope to see you soon here at Camp All Saints!

Nick Roberts

NickHello, I am Nick Robert! Growing up in Richardson, Texas with the Richardson ISD Environmental Studies Center just down the road helped shape my interest for environmental education and making our earth a claener and less wasteful place. I have also been blessed to have been at Camp All Saints in some capacity for several years as either a camper, counselor, volumteer, and now JOLT staff! I am always excited to be able to show how amazing our natural environments are as well as how important it is to protect our ecosystems.