Scholarships News for 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,
Greetings in our risen Lord. the Easter season is essentially hopeful-not the shallow kind of hope that crosses its fingers that trouble won’t find us, but the deep hope that knows who God is, whose we are, and how the story ends. Jesus tells us that you can build the house of your life on that kind of hope, the kind that became forever real the morning of Jesus’ resurrection. 
My special interest in this letter is to raise the question how we can encourage young people to have this deep hope. Much of the answer is found in the home and the parish. But camp, and in particular our own Camp All Saints, have a great contribution to make. I have a great deal of confidence in our director Dave Campbell, and his group of young adult Christian leaders. Young people are formed in the Gospel by receiving teaching, mentoring, and example of a disciple’s life. 
We need your help. We need funding for scholarships, since a considerable number of children can go to camp only with help (matched by parents or parish). Our goal for 2019 is to raise 39,000.00 to meet our anticipated need.
We also need you to direct potential camp families toward All Saints. May our Lord bless this summer as He bestows the gift of deep hope on them and us. 
peace grs


From Executive Director: David Campbell, 

Each summer the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas hosts a summer camp for youth entering grades 3 – 12.

While the gift of camp can last a lifetime it is often a challenge for many families to afford especially if they have several children. Camp All Saints scholarship fund is intended to insure that no camper will be turned away for financial reasons.  The goal of the fund is to match funds from the applicant, and their affiliated church. The tuition for one week of camp in 2019 is $485.00.  Last summer campers received $27,895.50 in financial assistance.  

Thank you notes from some of our campers:

  • First Year Camper:  “Dear Diocese of Dallas, Thank you for sponsoring Camp All Saints.  I am very thankful for letting me have this opportunity to get closer to God and other teens my age.  This was my first year at this camp and it was life changing for me.  Thank you Sooo much for this experience.”

  • Third Year Camper:
    “Dear EDOD, I thank you so so much for allowing me to have an amazing experience and just be able to come to Camp All Saints.  Camp All Saints has helped me grow spiritually with God.  This was my third year coming to Camp All Saints and I wish to come many more years.  Forever will this camp be my home and safe place where I am able to be myself.”

  • Sixth Year Camper:  “Thank you so much for making this camp a possibility for me every summer.  I love coming here to grow further in Christ and rekindle relationships with counselors, campers and literally everyone here.  Throughout the years, I’ve grown so much into who I am as a Christian and I’ve learned what having faith is, and I know I owe it to this camp and the amazing people here.  My sixth year at camp was a blast, and I cant wait for my sevesmoresnth!!!! Thank you!!!”

We are asking for your help:  Please make a gift to help fill the 2019 Scholarship Fund.   Checks should be made payable to: Camp All Saints with Scholarship Fund in the memo line: donations may also be made online at


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