Do you have a pet who would like to make a contribution to the Camp Scholarship fund for our campers?

This year we have a goal of raising $50,000.00 for the scholarship account for Camp All Saints.  

We are well on our way and we need some more help.  Here is where the pets come in.

We are asking pets everywhere if they would be willing to give a little to the fund and share some thoughts about how imortant camp is for young people.  Pet owners who make a gift on behalf of their pet may e-mail us with a picture of their pet with something they believe their pet would like to pass along to encouage other pets out there to make a gift or an encouragement for our campers.

We hope to have some fun with this and we can't wait to hear from all of you pet owners. 


How it works: 

click on the "Make a Donation" link

If this is your first time you will need to set up your profile then select a campaign to give to:  In this case "The Pet Scholarship Challenge"


Make your donation.

You will recieve a thank you letter automatically from Camp Wise (our online camp system) with instructions on how to send us your pet photo with a message.