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Your generosity is critical to helping Camp All Saints sustain its mission: To share the glory of God in creation and the love of Christ in Word and deed.

As a ministry of the Episcopal Diocse of Dallas we need every member of every congregation participate in our work through gifts of time, talent and treasure.  The giving should be above your current commitment to your congregation.  By every member making a committment the camp will find the support it needs to be a world leader in Episcopal Camping ministries. 

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Time and talent:

Gifts of Time and Talent: 2018 Goal is 3,000 Hours

To Expand the ministry of Camp All Saints we need volunteers to participate in this vital ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.  In 2018 our goal is to develop our volunteer giving of time to 3,000 hours.  To give you some ideas of what this might look like consider what it might look like if: 



Goal: 3,000 Volunteer Hours in 2019

250 Hours If there were at least one volunteer "Ambassador" in each congregation to invite memebers of their congregation to participate in this ministry. Some of the work they might accomplish might include:

 -  To invite all members of our congregations to pray for 
the ministry of Camp All Saints 

 -  To market the camp by encouragning young persons to attend summer camp

 -  To invite members of our congregations to share the ministry of Camp all Saints in your community.

 -  To develop a list of resources in our Diocese.  

1,300 Hours        Labor of Love Weekends were well attended with volunteers who helped with work projects in and around the camp. 

1,450 Hours        Summer Camp Volunteers attending camp and helping run the summer program. 

To serve as a volunteer all you have to do is contact David Campbell, Executive Director of Camp All Saints at dcampbell@edod.org

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Ecclesiastes 4:12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Make the decision today to be a person who has made a $50.00 gift or even a gift of a larger or smaller amount within your means. Our work is easier when many people pull together to see something accomplished. Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is wisdom in working together and sharing what we have with one another.  The work we hope to accomplish will only be possible if many of us join together in making our gifts of time, talent and treasure.  Please prayerfully consider making a gift today. 

There are five strategic areas we will be targeting with financial resources:  When making a donation you may designate how your gift is used or leave it as an undesignated gift. 

1.  Scholarships

2. Pig Scholarships

3.  Pet Scholarship Challenge

4.  Dining Hall Development

5. Unrestricted Operating Income

6.  Endowment Program

Below you will find the vision of accomplishments we hope to expereience through financial gifts. 

1. Scholarships

Give the gift of a scholarship.

This summer we am pleased to report that no camper was turned away from camp for financial reasons. This has been made possible through generous gifts to our scholarship fund that we use to help out where there is a need.  Also, from the generous financial support from our congregaitons (we call this kind of donation a "campership").

The work to fully fund 2019 scholarships has begun.  Your donations are necessary to help children and adults who wish to come to summer camp or any other camp related project can with your help.  Please give generously for the Kingdom of Christ.  We are all adopted children of God.  Please help all of God's children have an opportunity to grow a relationship with Jesus.  All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax deduction letter at time of donation when using your credit card; by check, we will send your letter once posted.

2019 our goal is to raise 39,000 for anticipated financial needs. 

We will bring some creative energy to this.  A participant can make a simple donation or jump into one of our other fun ways of giving.  One of these is the Pet Scholarship Challenge - the other participating in our Pig Scholarship program.  Both are a great deal of fun to do.

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2. Facility Development

Facility Development funding goal for 2018-2019 is $217,749:

1.  Dining Hall Improvement 

     1.  Install new conduit New lights & fan, Allowance for lighting $10,000     

    2.  Install insulation batting and sound proofing to ceiling in serving area  $3,000

     3.  Remove old duct work install new duct work according to original plans $28,000

     4.  Install 14 foot fan in the center of Dining Hall with controls $8,000

     5.  Dinning Hall Fireplace

                               Air Tight Fireplace Insert  7100         $ 5,300.00
                              Tear out                                                  $2000.00
                               rerock                                                   $1500.00
                               new stone                                               $350.00

Total for Dining Hall Improvement  $58,150

3.  Solar Power plants

Goal:  To develop solar power plants on Cabins 1-3 and Dining Hall (4)
Est. from consultant to begin the overall project $65,000

$123,150.00  or  2,463 gifts of $50.00

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3. Unrestricted Operating Income

Only unrestricted gifts to this fund directly support Camp All Saints cost of operations. The cost of running Camp All Saints goes up each year. Were it not for this support, fees for Outdoor Education, camps, conferences and parish retreats would need to be higher. 

 16,500 or 330 gifts of $50.00

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4. Endowment Funding

We are in the process of creating a permanent fund invested for growth and income which will provide a perpetual source of income that Camp All Saints will depend on to keep our rates reasonable. 

100,000 or 2,000 gifts of $50.00

As of 4/8/2018 we have raised $1,500.00 for the camps endowment

How to make a secure online donation

To make it possible to accomplish the funding goals for Camp All Saints we have developed an online gifting resource through our Camp-Wise software provider. 

How to make a secure online donation:

Set up a User name and password:  To make a secure online donation we will need you to set up a user account.  This is so you will have both the means to make an online donation and be able to see your giving history.

Become familiar with your account page:  After you have created your online username and password, which will be different than the one you use to register a camper, you will have access to your giving history for online donations.  Since this is new, it will not reflect your giving history or donations which have not been online.

Choose the type of donation you would like to make:  When you make a gift you will have four areas to choose from.  Scholarships, special projects, endowment and unrestricted operating.  Once you have selected your gift designation simply complete the credit card information and submit the gift.  Once your payment has been processed you will immediately receive an e-mail acknowledging your tax-deductible gift for your records.  Now that you have an account please save your username and password for future use and access to your personal account page. 

Your generosity is tremendously important and greatly appreciated in today's challenging economic environment.

Camp All Saints is an independent 501 c(3) nonprofit organization.  

Your gifts are tax-deductible.

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