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Responsible to:Executive Director, Camp Director or their designee

Purpose:  To teach the youth of the diocese music, including specific songs to be taken to the diocesan convention in the fall.

Salary Range:  $380 - $420 per-week DOE (includes two weeks of staff training).

Employment Dates: First week of June to middle of July


  1. To have a personal commitment to the Christian faith and/or supportive of the mission statement of  Camp All Saints as stated in its promotional material or Page 855 of the Book of Common Prayer.
  2. To have a love and understanding of children.
  3. To have an understanding of how summer camp fits into the total Diocesan role of Christian formation.
  4. To have experience in song-leading.
  5. To successfully complete staff training.
  6. To have an understanding of how to work with any of the approved Episcopal Hymnals and contemporary Christian Music that will be appropriate to lead in a camp setting.
  7. To have an understanding of Copy write laws and knowledgeable in developing music resources in compliance with these laws.
  8. Possesses spontaneity and creative abilities.
  9. To participate in planning, carrying out, and evaluating     programs.


  1. To coordinate with Deans concerning worship music for their session.
  2. To develop songbook for the camp with a blend of music from approved Episcopal Hymnals, contemporary Christian music and “camp songs”.
  3. To teach song(s) to the youth who attend camp with the knowledge that they will take these song(s) back to their local congregations.
  4. To lead songs during specified times throughout the day and week.
  5. To prepare the group who leads campfire in those songs, which they want to lead.
  6. To develop a music program that meets the needs of beginning through advanced levels of youth music.  (Beginning: introduction to music, Advanced: empowering youth to take a leadership role in music to their home parishes.)
  7. To teach music or arrange for lessons both on guitar and rhythm instruments both in the morning and afternoon sessions of the camp day.
  8.  To perform duties as occasionally requested by the director.
  9.  To work as an equal member of the summer staff and participate in all staff meetings. 
  10. Will be responsible to check in with a few counselors during the week to see how they are doing.  It will rotate throughout the summer.
  11.  To be a music resource for the counselors & summer staff and Deans (during deans time).

Remember that you, too, are worthy of rest and renewal.  Take care of yourself.

To be aware of your limitations and speak with the director if you have any concerns or questions about those limits.