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 Responsible to: Executive Director, Camp Director or their designee

Salary: $230 – $280 D.O.E. includes two weeks of staff training.

Purpose:  To serve 8 - 12 youth, in a cabin living group, as their co-counselor for one or more sessions.

Employment Dates: First week of June to middle of July


  1. A personal commitment to the Christian faith and/or supportive of the mission statement of Camp All Saints as stated in its promotional material or Page 855 of the Book of Common Prayer.
  2.  To love and understand children.
  3.  An understanding of how summer camp fits into the total Diocesan role of Christian Formation.
  4.  The emotional stability to place campers’ needs before personal desires.
  5. 18 years of age. *Completed High School
  6. Possess current CPR First Aid Card. (training provided during staff training)
  7. Possess current Lifeguard Certificate (is very helpful)
  8. Successfully complete staff training.
  9. A successful applicant needs to demonstrate spontaneity and creative abilities.
  10. Further, demonstrate the ability to participate in planning, carrying out, and evaluation of programs.
  11. Have read and signed the “Summer Staff Information” and agree to the terms, which are outlined.



  1. Develop a personal relationship with each member of your cabin.  Get to know them and be available at all times for their various needs.  Socially interact with them. Be familiar with what’s going on in their lives.
  2. Know the daily schedule and make sure you and your campers are on time to camp activities.
  3. Help other staff members and deans when needed.
  4. Supervise and participate in cabin clean up, KP, and bathroom duty as directed.
  5. Round up your campers at lights out and remain with them until wake-up.
  6. Check the schedule and make copies to hang in your cabin.  Make sure your campers know when they are scheduled to do something.
  7. Perform other duties as occasionally assigned by the director.
  8. Be able to lead, facilitate, and create small groups in working with Bible studies
  9. Work as an equal member of the summer staff. Participate in all staff meetings.
  10. Be aware of your counseling limitations and speak with the director(s) or their designee if you have any concerns or questions about those limits.
  11. Be consistent