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Position Description:

Responsible to: Executive Director, Camp Director or their designee

Salary Range: $380 - $420 per-week DOE (includes two weeks of staff training).

Employment Dates: First week of June to middle of July

Purpose:  To organize and operate a digital media program to help camper’s experience and express their creativity.  To equip and empower staff and youth in the use and creation of digital media, in ways that actively support and further the mission of our diocese.


  1. A personal commitment to the Christian faith and/or supportive of the mission statementCamp All Saints as stated in its promotional material or Page 855 of the Book of Common Prayer.
  2. Knowledge and experience in digital media, including audio, video, and photography.  Especially with the ability to teach others how to use these media.
  3. Creativity and the ability to inspire creative expression from campers and staff using digital media.
  4. Interest and desire in developing the Media Center and its program outcomes.
  5. Posses current First Aid/CPR Card.
  6. Successfully complete staff training.
  7. Ability to participate in planning, carrying out, and evaluation of programs.
  8. Have read and signed the “Summer Staff Information” and agree to the terms, which are outlined.


  1. Develop and implement a digital media program suitable for children attending the various camps.
  2. Provide instruction in as many digital media areas as possible.
  3. Order, purchase, and inventory all media supplies prior to camp opening and as needed during the season.
  4. Be able to lead, facilitate, and create small groups in working with Bible studies.
  5. Develop, post, and enforce proper safety rules and regulations for the Media Center.
  6. Keep Media Center clean, orderly, and swept daily.
  7. Be available for instruction of children and adults in the Media Center as the camp schedule dictates.
  8. The Camp director must approve all expenditures. Return all receipts to the Director.
  9. Develop a weekly schedule of starting and finishing dates for media projects.
  10. Insure that the Media Center is thoroughly cleaned and all supplies are properly inventoried packed away before camp closing.
  11. Keep all tools and equipment in proper working order; notify camp director of any needed repairs.
  12. Perform duties as occasionally requested by the director.
  13. Will be responsible to check in with a few counselors during the week to see how they are doing.  It will rotate throughout the summer. You will be a resource for the counselors.