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Camp Nurse/EMT

Responsible to: Executive Director, Camp Director or their designee

Salary: $400 - $600 per-week D.O.E. includes two weeks of staff training. Room and board provided:

Employment Dates:  First week of June to middle of July


To serve 96 youth with additional staff (up to 40), in a camp setting, as their nurse for one or more sessions.

To maintain standards required by the State of Texas and the American Camping Association.


  1. Is a licensed physician or registered nurse, paramedic or emergency medical technician.
  2. Person supportive to the program and the ministries of the church, with knowledge of its patterns for the summer camp program.
  3. The ability to work in a staff relationship and to serve persons from a wide range of age, interests, and backgrounds.
  4. Posses Current First Aid CPR card.


  1. Responsible to the written Health Care Plan which shall be reviewed annually and includes general guidelines in the following areas.
  2. Responsibilities and authority of the Camp Health manager and all other staff providing health care (including first aid),
  3. General routines for camp health care and sanitation, Record keeping, Provision of supplies and equipment, and
  4. Relationships and agreements with medical personnel, hospitals, and providers of emergency care.
  5. Serves or oversees a designated Camp Health Care Manager who is on-site when campers are present and who has the day-to-day responsibility to supervise health care in camp.
  6. When campers register, is responsible for ensuring that each camper has signed permission from a parent/guardian to seek emergency medical treatment.
  7. Is responsible to communicate with Community emergency services if needed in any given emergency or situation.
  8. Provides training to program staff which includes – Identifying their role and responsibilities in camp health care Preparing them to use supplies and equipment with which they may be furnished Identifying those situations which should be attended to only by certified health personnel
  9. Mandated the use of universal precautions and identify procedures to be followed when dealing with body fluids and medical waste.
  10. Is responsible for maintaining/overseeing a daily health log for the camp.
  11. Is responsible for or overseeing accident reports are completed for all accidents resulting in injury requiring professional medical treatment.
  12. Is responsible for all medical records/health histories, permission to treat forms.
  13. Is responsible to keep secure and dispense all medications, which come to the camp property.
  14. Is responsible for overseeing supervision of any camper who is placed in the infirmary.
  15. Agrees with the terms laid out in the Summer Staff information letter.