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Responsible to: Executive Director, Camp Director or their designee 

Purpose: To expose the youth of the Diocese to art and to new means and ways of expressing themselves. 

Salary Range: $380 - $420 per-week DOE (includes two weeks of staff training). 

Employment Dates: First week of June to middle of July

Qualifications: A personal commitment to the Christian faith and/or supportive of the mission statement of Camp All Saints as stated in its promotional material or Page 855 of the Book of Common Prayer. A love and understanding of children and the understanding of the long-tern role that appropriate art education can have in their lives. An understanding of how summer camp fits into the total Diocesan role of Christian formation. Training and experience in utilizing and teaching artistic methods. Successful completion of staff training. Ability to use different art mediums and to teach those skills to others while encouraging exploration and experimentation. Strong classroom management skills as well management of assistants. Willingness to work with other staff to create projects that are specifically tailored to the needs of different groups. Ability to participate in planning, carrying out, and evaluation of programs. 


  1. Prepare lesson plans and project guides for the Summer.
  2. Set up classroom that can fit the needs of 4 different groups of campers.
  3. Order the supplies necessary for the planned projects.
  4. Keep inventory of supplies and keep them organized, ordering new supplies when needed.
  5. Be available to counselors, deans, and staff that might have need of art supplies, advice, or help with projects.
  6. Be prepared each week to describe the program to the Campers as a means of introduction and a pitch so that they will attend Camper’s Choice.
  7. Some cabins may need to forgo planned art time to focus on behavioral issues in the cabin.
  8. Be prepared to lead them in projects that focus on communication, bonding, and expression of feelings.
  9. Be ready to forgo traditional project time to discuss “respect” and “how to live in a Christian community” or other behavior issues when necessary.
  10. Look for ways to relate the art projects to the subject matter covered in chapel and Dean’s Time.
  11. Look for ways to help the counseling staff by continually encouraging the campers to respect them and being willing to help with behavior plans.
  12. Take time with each cabin to expose the campers to art books and stretch their critical thinking and language skills by discussing the images they choose.
  13. Focus on planned projects during the time with each cabin.
  14. During camper’s choice time allow the campers to choose their own projects as long as they are age appropriate and safe.
  15. Remember that this may be the only time these campers will have access to these materials, so encouragement at trying these new things is paramount.
  16. Encourage gentleness and care for the tools that the campers use and instruct them in cleaning the classroom at the end of each session.
  17. Cultivate a calm (or focused) atmosphere of love and respect during each session.
  18. Many campers will talk about issues that are important to them while they create. This is your opportunity to encourage and motivate them.
  19. Look for opportunities to encourage the staff and campers to take initiative with their own artistic projects throughout each session.
  20. Help with Registration and Camper Check-out as needed.
  21. Perform duties as occasionally requested by the director.
  22. Work as an equal member of the summer staff. Participate in all staff meetings. (As part of a staff rotation, lead All-Camp games during the staff meetings.)
  23. Be aware of your limitations and speak with the director if you have any concerns or questions about those limits.
  24. Take responsibility to check in with a few counselors during the week to see how they are doing. It will rotate throughout the summer.
  25. You will be a resource for the counselors. Be able to lead, facilitate, and create small groups in working with Bible studies.
  26. Be consistent. Remember that you, too, are worthy of rest and renewal. Take care of yourself.