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Floor Plans

Semi-Private Cabin Floor Plan

  • Accommodates 8 guests in all lower beds
  • mini refrigerator and microwave in meeting space in cabins 1 & 6

Bunk-Style Cabin Floor Plan

cabin photo

Accommodates 12 guests in bunk beds and two single beds (14 total)             

PHOTO: (right) Cabin unit view shows the A side of the cabin with attached meeting space. 

Beck Center Floor Plan

  • Seats 150 in main room,
  • Two break out rooms 
  • Covered deck with view of Lake Texoma
  • Small kitchenette

Powers Center Floor Plan

Seats 35 in main room with a furnished visitation area and patio seating 

Small kitchenette

Family Unit Floor Plan

One full size bed and two single beds plus mini refrigerator and microwave