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Things To Consider When Applying

Christian Formation:

The mission of Camp All Saints is sharing the glory of God in creation and the love of Christ in word and deed. 

Camp All Saints is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Reflecting the basic principles of the Christian Faith, Camp All Saints provides quality programs and facilities that promote positive character development. All persons in the employ of the camp are expected to be familiar with and supportive of the basic polity and practice of The Episcopal Church.

Christian formation is the attitude of being a lifetime student in your faith.  This is important to model for young people in all areas of the camping program.  A creative response to programming; how is archery like our prayer life?  Is wind to a sail like the Holy Spirit in our Life?  When looking for a leader in a Canoe where do you look?

In other words, how do we take what we do from day to day and “FORM” questions that nurture our faith?

Part of a larger team:
The scope of work to be done at Camp All Saints is very large.  Staff have many roles here and are all partnered with each other so we might accomplish our mission.  Departments include, administrative, year round program staff, food service, hospitality, maintenance, summer deans and our summer camp staff.  

A Waterfront Camp:

Lifeguarding:  Camp All Saints is located on Lake Texoma and enjoys a beautiful waterfront.  Activities include; swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking and fishing.  Each of these activities requires the presence of a lifeguard be present to supervise the activity.  If you are not a lifeguard, camp all saints will support a full time summer counselor, head counselor (who has a signed contract with the camp for the upcoming summer season) up to $150 of a successfully completed lifeguarding class. 

Ability to get along with others: 

Camp is a dynamic work environment. It is the primary duty of staff to be responsible for the students in your care.  Each employee/volunteer is expected to learn the camps discipline model (designed for classroom management), working with different age groups and skills necessary to create a positive environment with children, co-workers and guests.


Staff are expected to be reliable.  To participate in camp there are schedules for staff, intended to provide time off, nested in the camper schedule that is designed to follow the program.  Staff who are not reliable tend to damage both the rotation of time off and may also impact the camper experience. 


Schedules can change suddenly for a number of reasons.  They may simply be a response to a learning opportunity, weather, broken equipment etc….  Staff who do well in camp tend to adapt well to challenges posed by moving or changing schedules.

Willing to try new skills:

Staff, are always challenging campers to try new things.  This is also true for staff.  We have many program areas and we will need applicants who are willing to; become a lifeguard, archery instructor, music leader, game leader, media center assistant… and the list goes on.  We have two weeks of staff training to help staff prepare to step into new leadership roles.  Applicants who will do well tend to be willing to give all of these areas their best effort.

Year Round Employment

Camp All Saints - Pottsboro, TX –

Program Staff:

Camp All Saints - Pottsboro, TX – Episcopal Diocese of Dallas - Join our unique outdoor education and retreat facility on beautiful Lake Texoma! Become a part of our dynamic Program Staff. Position includes teaching science and environmental education curriculum in hands on classroom environment. Sessions are aligned with Texas TEKS expectations. Implement the established program based on the needs of students' age level and school-chosen sessions.

Hosting retreat guests, facilitating adventure activities, and seasonal summer camp. Please visit us at www.campallsaints.com for more information about our camp. Desired Qualifications: Teaching experience.  Bachelor’s Degree preferred. High Ropes and Lifeguard certification or ability to attain. First Aid, CPR & AED certification or ability to attain: Clean background check.  Positive attitude.  Flexibility. Work with diverse populations, small & large groups TEAM player.  Salary Range: $16,500 – 22,440 depending on experience. *Medical, Dental & Vision are included in the package.  

Serve several nights a week on-call duty. To facilitate this requirement, housing will be provided on-site at the convenience of the employer. To apply: Please email resume and cover letter to, Sandi Creswell, Camp All Saints Program Director Ryan Hess at

Summer Camp Employment

Staff/Volunteer Info

For those looking to participate in the ministry of Camp All Saints there are many opportunities both for volunteer and paid staff.

Our need:

Each summer we usually hire approximately 26 paid Program and Counseling Staff and recruit up to 30 volunteers to make our summer programs come to life.

Who are we looking for?

Camp All Saints has a mission to restore all people to God through the person of Jesus Christ. To do this we take our lead from scripture. We look to Acts 2: 42 – 47 as a model to imitate. We incorporate activities that invite expression through art (including electronic media), dance, drama, sports, games, social recreation, music, environmental education, Christian Formation and worship. All of this with an eye toward living intentionally as a Christian Community.

Summer Program Staff

Program staff are directly responsible for an area of ministry which may or may not have direct responsibility for a group of campers. They are in many ways the staff working behind the scenes to make the camp run well. They may have supervisory responsibilities or be defined primarily as a ministry of service.

Program staff may also be volunteers who come in and help in any number of ways. To serve might include: helping in the kitchen, working as a photographer, musician, nurse, or helping with office work just to name a few. If you are a skilled builder, we may find a place for you to be a part of the community.

List of Program Staff who need volunteer assistance:

Camp Dean
Music Director
Media Director
Camp Nurse 
Kitchen Volunteer
Grounds and Maintenance 
Special Workshop Leaders

Summer Volunteers

Counselors and Program Volunteers are the movers and shakers of our summer camp program.

It is our goal each summer to create counseling teams for each cabin. In addition to this we are always seeking volunteer staff who can help with different portions of our program.  As a volunteer you may be suited to help with program areas like: digital discipleship, sailing, canoeing, archery, art, Christian formaiton, or music

This combination of paid and volunteer counselors creates an opportunity for congregations in our Diocese to send adult volunteers with youth from their church to help develop stronger relationships in local ministries.

Camp All Saints is a wonderful place to live and work. We are always interested in finding individuals with strong Christian values who work well in a team and thrive in an outdoor setting. If you wish to submit an application for employment or volunteering you may now apply using our online application. Please also visit our summer camp employment page for information on summer jobs as a camp counselor. Thank you for your interest in All Saints Camp. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you soon!

*All staff need to have graduated High School and be 18 years of age at the time of employment.

The Hiring Process

2018 Summer Staff: Applications for Paid Counselors is now open.   The summer positions will close when they are filled. 

Online Staff Application:  Click Here

The Interview:

Once the camp is in receipt of your online application we will be in contact with you regarding a time for a computer or phone interview if you are unable to make it in person.  It is important to note that to apply for a position you will be asked for a number of different documents before your application may be submitted.

Volunteer Staff:

Are welcome to submit an online application also.  Volunteers will find their application information in the same process.  As a volunteer you may apply for a job right up through May or in some cases June.  Please note, that early applications are most helpful to the preparation of our summer Program.