Ambassador Information

How do I become an ambassador?

Appointment to be the Camp All Saints Ambassador

Set up with your priest or Sr. Warden a meeting to discuss your desire to be an ambassador for Camp All Saints for your congregation and show the list of responsibilities to them. Receive the approval of your Priest or Sr. Warden to serve as the Camp All Saints Volunteer Coordinator for your congregation. E-mail the Executive Director of Camp All Saints with your current contact information and a good time to be called. The Director will call you and review any training you may need to be an effective ambassador in your congregation.  

The first two steps are...

     1.  The Priest in Charge must approve you for this ministry in your congregation.

     2.  Build a staff file  in coordination with th Executive Director that will begin with...

    •  Safeguarding God's Children and Safeguarding God's People.
    •  Criminal Background Check.
    •  Personal Contact information for the Executive Director of Camp All Saints.

General Responsibilities

1. Personal Education Preparation:

  • To develop an understanding of Camp All Saints programs and annual goals.
  • To become familiar with your congregation/convocation needs for training and retreats.  With the specific goal of looking for opportunities for Camp All Saints to serve as a resource to host a retreat or workshop event.
  • To develop a resource list in your congregation of skills/trades available.

2. Marketing:

  • To help parishioners and community members register for the Camp Newsletter.
  • To know how individuals or families may access financial aid and assistance.
  • To help register individuals and families for programs at Camp All Saints.
  • To empower individuals in the congregation to take Camp All Saints information into the community.

3. Coordinate and implement the annual Onward Campaign:

  • To coordinate and communicate an ongoing request for gifts of time, talent and funds in building an endowment, scholarships and special projects from your congregation in support of Camp All Saints. 
  • To encourage parishioners in your congregation to assist in Special Projects at Camp All Saints.

Annual Onward Campaign

  • To choose a special Sunday in consultation with your Priest/Sr. Warden where Camp All Saints is celebrated and funds collected for the annual onward campaign.  
  • To create and maintain a Camp All Saints Bulletin Board – contact the Director of Ambassadors when you need new forms or brochures and how many. Some forms will be sent to the Ambassador for their use in making copies; saving on postage and time.  
  • To ask the Priest in Charge to build the sermon in such a way to support the ministry of Camp All Saints on the Sunday chosen to kick off the campaign.

Planning your campaign

  1. Encourage others: youth groups, service groups, ladies groups, Parish Nurses, help with the celebration from treats at fellowship hour, set up/clean up, games, camp songs, testimonies, service projects participated in and celebrated.  
  2. Inform the congregation about the special Sunday celebration after talking with your priest and coordinating your efforts two weeks in advance, one week before and that morning. Include the youth group or a service group who have been active in the ministry at Camp All Saints to give a brief talk about their experience and testimony.  
  3. Talk with your vestry about how they can have an active role in making sure each and every parishioner and youth in your community has an opportunity to go to Camp All Saints. 
  4. Talk about what support the vestry, ECW, Outreach Committee, Youth Group, etc. is willing to contribute and how together no child or family will be left behind for lack of funds.

Camp All Saints Sunday:

Have all the handouts you need to give out at the Celebration Sunday: either during the service with the bulletins or at fellowship time.  Make sure the priest and you are familiar with what the individuals will be saying about their experiences about Camp All Saints. May all things bring glory to God!  Be specific when talking about each camp offered at Camp All Saints by reading the brochure with the congregation and explaining the purpose of each camping opportunity. Be ready to answer questions and make yourself available to parishioners who would like more information. Assure that no one will be turned away for financial reasons, thus the Scholarship Fund.  

Be specific regarding gifts. There are three "restricted funds" the camp seeks
support for each year, (more on this in your training).

these funds are: 

     1. Scholarship Fund 

     2. Special Projects Fund 

     3. The Camp All Saints Endowment 

Any funds with a specific designation need to be listed in the memo line of each check. Any check with no designation will be placed in the scholarship fund.

Personal Preparation

1.  Become a trained volunteer for Camp All Saints:

  1.  Build a personnel file here at Camp All Saints. Each file must have a current volunteer application, criminal background check, certificate of training in Safeguarding God's Children & People.
  2. Become familiar with the goals of Camp All Saints for the current year. These will be posted on the website and emailed to you as updates.
  3. Attend the yearly training retreat for Camp All Saints Ambassadors.
  4. Visit with your priest or their designee about programs and ministries that could use Camp All Saints to host a weekend training or retreat.

2. Marketing & Coordinating the annual Onward Campaign

  1. The purpose of the Annual Celebration Sunday is to give every member of our congregations an opportunity to participate in the ministry of Camp All Saints.
  2. What to ask for during Camp All Saints Onward Campaign:
    1. Time: Parishioners giving their time at Camp All Saints for Special Projects, Labor of Love weekends and Summer Camp and in the community delivering brochures  *Prayer: Prayer is the most powerful tool for growth. Pray for Camp All Saints and ask others to pray for the ministry at Camp All Saints on a continual basis.
    2. Talent: Sharing ones gifts and talents with the community of Camp All Saints during Labor of Love Weekends, gathering of skills/talents and making them known to Director of Ambassadors to fit the specific projects needed at Camp All Saints.
    3. Treasure: there will be three "restricted funds" Camp All Saints will solicit support for each year. These include: A Scholarship Fund, Special Projects Fund and an Endowment Fund.  The funding goals are just that, goals

Follow-up Campaign

Keep track of local efforts:
ie: money, volunteers, labor, prayer time, scholarships and forward this information to the Director of Ambassadors.  A congregation may choose to solicit funds for all three or simply choose one on its Camp All Saints Sunday. The ambassador is responsible to send funds donated to Camp All Saints with the proper designation.  Send a Thank You note to volunteers or groups of volunteers for their efforts in keeping Camp All Saints a vital ministry in the Diocese of Dallas.

In the Community

Digital Media:  Link your church website to the Camp All Saints Registration Information Paper Media:  Provide bulletin inserts to let people know of upcoming events and annual campaigns and ask others to post.  Summer Camp brochures in their place of work or bulletin boards around town.  Relationship Building:  Network within the congregation and community to gain financial support for Scholarship and Special Projects Funds.  Local Media:  Advertise on public radio and television Public Service Announcements of upcoming events at Camp All Saints inviting others to participate with you!

Have a Celebration:
Sing before the Lord, Rejoice with musical instruments and camp songs, be joyful and share that exceeding joy with all who will listen. Fellowship together and make an action plan for your congregation to live into the life of the body of Christ, live into the life at Camp All Saints and live into their Baptismal Covenant.  May God richly bless you in this ministry.